What is Pyrk?

A crypto­currency based on Bitcoin, with additional features imported from both Dash and Digibyte. Improvements include triple algorithm Proof of Work with Multishield difficulty adjustment, Masternodes, Private Send, Community Fund Governance, and Simple Tokens based loosely on the Color Coins protocol. Built for the community, we've taken some of the best features of the top utility coins to create a new coin which launched on May 12th 2020. There is no pre-mine, there is no ICO. Fair launch so everybody has a fair chance of mining.

  • NO premine, NO Hidden Blocks, Fair Launch
  • Triple Algorithm Proof of Work
  • Initial block reward 100 Pyrk
  • Decending Reward Reduction every 100,000 Blocks
  • Block Time: 90 Seconds
  • Max Circulation: 100M Pyrk
  • Multishield Difficulty Adjustment
  • Private Send Transactions
  • Masternodes (Initial collateral 1000 Pyrk)
  • Community Fund (Up to 10% of Block Reward)
  • Fund distribution voted on by Masternodes
  • Pyrk Whitepaper / Pyrk Tokens Specification

  • Our goal is to test the limits of what can be done on the blockchain

    Proof Of Work

    Instead of trying to create a new Algorithm and avoid ASIC mining, we welcome ASIC mining on 3 of the top Algorithms: SHA256, Scrypt, and X11.


    Run a masternode to help secure the network, assist in private send transactions, and vote on community projects.

    Private Send

    Anonymize your sensitive transactions using the Private Send feature.

    Community Fund

    Up to 10% of monthly block rewards are reserved for approved Community Fund projects which help to boost the Pyrk Ecosystem.

    Pyrk Tokens

    Create and manage your own tokenized assets on the Pyrk blockchain. They are super easy to create and use.

    Secret Messaging

    Coming Soon.. Send encrypted messages between Pyrk addresses from the Pyrk wallet software. No data retention.

    What's different about Pyrk?

    We are expanding what can be done on the blockchain:

    Pyrk Tokens

    Currently in the final stages of development. Create your own assets on the PYRK chain. Do you want to create a token similar to ERC-20, but easier to create and manage? We've got that. Do you want to create an asset where you can add unlimited amounts of immutable information to? We've got that too. Do you want to have the ability to give and revoke access to other users to add immutable information also? Yep, we've got that too..

    Basic ERC-20

    Creation: Requires building a contract (Solidity)
    Create Cost: $40 - $200
    Sending Cost: ~$0.11
    Methods: Transfer
    Additional methods require additional programming

    - vs-

    Pyrk Tokens

    Creation: A single command
    Create Cost: 5 Pyrk ~ $0.05
    Sending Cost: 0.00002 Pyrk ~ $0
    Methods: Transfer, Pause, Resume, AddMeta, NewOwner, Burn

    Pyrk Tokens are also easy to integrate into your exchange or other payment platform. If you are already making RPC calls to a Bitcoin fork wallet, then you are already more than halfway there.

    Pyrk Secret Messenger (In Development)

    Pyrk Secret Messenger is a way to send encrypted instant messages between Pyrk addresses. Secret messages do not put messages onto the blockchain, but rather they use the masternode network to temporarily store the encrypted data. Unlike other "secret messenger" services, there is no central database where messages are stored. With Pyrk Secret Messenger it is impossible to have a "master key" which can decrypt user messages. Messages unretrieved within 7 days are automatially purged from all masternode queues.

    Using the public/private key protocol that is inherent on the Pyrk blockchain, the messages can only be decrypted by the person holding the private key of the receiving address.

    Who created Pyrk?

    Pyrk was designed and commissioned by Michael Osullivan (lead developer at the exchange Altilly.com). It was coded by a couple of well known cryptocurrency developers who have worked on big projects in the past. You can see exactly who is involved on our Github repo. We have the entire history of all changes made to our codebase.

    The governance and direction of Pyrk will NOT be decided solely by it's developers, instead any major action will be voted on by the community using the build in governance tools. In order to have a great community coin, the community must be engaged in it's development as much as possible.

    Core team members may change from time to time as they are elected to their positions.

    Want to be part of the team? Come join us on Telegram or Discord and let the community know what you have to offer.

    This asset has NO ICO and NO Premine, which means that there are no coins to giveaway for bounties or airdrops. We will, however, be making proposals for a bounty program when the community fund starts.

    Desktop Wallet Downloads

    Mobile Wallets

    Trade Pyrk

    Price Data

    Mining Stats

    Mine Pyrk

    Completed Goals

    • Create Proposal Generator Page
    • Create Proposal List/Vote Page
    • HotBit Exchange Listing
    • Activate Pyrk Tokens
    • Modifications for hard fork at Block 100k

    In Progress

    • Design specification for mobile
    • Design specification for Private Messages

    Goals To Do

    • User Interface for Pyrk Tokens
    • Mobile Apps for iOS & Android
    • Complete All Web Translations