Governance Guide

Community fund proposals start at block 25,000 and first epoch is block 54,200

Submitting Proposals

Prior to submitting your proposal request, you should create a post in the Pyrk forum describing your proposal in detail. Proposals which do not have an accurate and detailed description of the project will most likely not get the votes needed to be accepted.

Our Proposal Forum is here: https://forum.pyrk.org/category/8/proposals

If this is your first proposal, then you should avoid submitting proposals for large amounts. Large amount proposals with no project history are also likely not to get the votes needed.

If you have had successful proposals before, you should post links to your previous successful proposals and describe if your proposed goal was achieved. Projects that historically did what they said they were going to do will likely get more votes on their current proposal.


If you run a masternode, then you can vote on proposals. We provide a list of active proposals on our website along with instructions on how to vote (yes/no/abstain) for each proposal. As a masternode operator, you become part of the governing body of the Pyrk ecosystem. As such, you should take the matter of voting seriously and properly inspect the proposals you are voting on.

Make Proposal For Things That Help The Pyrk Community

The first thing the submitter and voter should ask themselves when submitting a new proposal is: "Does this benefit the Pyrk Community?". Your actions related to submitting proposals and voting on proposals should be directly related to the answer to that question.

Examples of things that benefit the Pyrk Community:

- Pyrk core structure: Such as costs to maintain the website, pool, and other related things.
- Funds allocated to individuals who do daily work for Pyrk, such as chat moderators.
- Work done for Pyrk such as creating documentation, how-to guides or videos.
- Marketing to bring more attention to Pyrk
- Integrations with partners such as POS or online payment systems to enhance the Pyrk ecosystem
- Programming projects to assist with ease of use and integrations

These are just a few examples, there are many acceptable things you may submit proposals for.