VPS Masternode Setup Guide

This guide explains how to setup a masternode from the command line. (Tools -> Debug Console)

Note: You must have a dedicated ip connection to run a masternode, as other masternodes will be connecting to you.

Step 1: Generate a new address for the master node collateral
pyrk-cli getnewaddress "MN1"

> PDmcLneRqC467MKsYnK3n8aVjbUMhqs6UF

Step 2: Generate a masternode key
pyrk-cli masternode genkey

> 9349tv7LD6jiW2AG3wJ13yVLSMuZcMnRPtRmQGWck5f3PRdb7pH

Step 3: Send exactly 1000 PYRK to the collateral address you generated above
pyrk-cli sendtoaddress PDmcLneRqC467MKsYnK3n8aVjbUMhqs6UF 2500

> 8b625074ec275ecb8ba1d3f87894e91dc7561691a3d1dc68b1d82158ff97c21e

Wait for the transaction to confirm, then Step 4: Find the transaction output info
pyrk-cli masternode outputs

	"8b625074ec275ecb8ba1d3f87894e91dc7561691a3d1dc68b1d82158ff97c21e": "1"

Step 5: Edit masternode.conf (Add this to the bottom of the file)
MN1 <Public IP>:8118 9349tv7LD6jiW2AG3wJ13yVLSMuZcMnRPtRmQGWck5f3PRdb7pH 8b625074ec275ecb8ba1d3f87894e91dc7561691a3d1dc68b1d82158ff97c21e 1
These are space separated values:
- Alias: - A simple name given to this masternode such as MN1, MN2, etc
- IP:Port - Use the machine external IP and port 8118
- Masternode Private Key - This is the key you generated from Step 2
- Collateral Output TXID - This is the first part of the response from Step 4, which is the Transaction ID of the collateral transactionCollateral Output TXID - This is the first part of the response from Step 4, which is the Transaction ID of the collateral transaction
- Collateral Output Index - This is also found in Part 4, it is the second item "1"

Step 6: Edit pyrk.conf (Add this to the bottom of your file)
masternodeaddr=<Public IP>:8118
For the masternode address, make sure to use your server public IP, so that your masternode can be found.

Step 7: Restart Wallet Client
pyrk-cli stop
pyrkd -daemon

Step 8: Start masternode
pyrk-cli masternode start-all

Step 9: Install Sentinel Monitor (Ubuntu)
wget https://raw.githubusercontent.com/pyrkcommunity/sentinel/master/sentinel-one-line-installer.sh && chmod +x sentinel-one-line-installer.sh && ./sentinel-one-line-installer.sh
If you cannot install Sentinel, then you will need to occasionally run this command on your masternode:
pyrk-cli sentinelping 1.0.0